Call for Papers: Snoezelen (Multi-Sensory Environment) Session

Abstract Submission is due February 15, 2015

Beit Issie Shapiro is pleased to announce its 6th International Conference on Disabilities, “Unity and Diversity in Action”, to be held in July 2015. This interdisciplinary conference is a unique opportunity which allows dialogue between professionals from different disciplines and mutual learning.

The conference will mark Beit Issie Shapiro’s 35th year working for social change together with its partners, including persons with disabilities, their families, professionals, policy makers, and other civil society organizations.

This year we are also celebrating 23 years of development and implementation of Snoezelen and we intend to devote a session to innovative aspects of Snoezelen therapy in varied settings and for varied populations.

We cordially invite you to submit abstracts to this unique session. As in any scientific conference, the abstracts will include research in the field, intervention models, therapeutic aspects, specialized knowledge for specific populations, and central themes and professional insights resulting from direct therapy (the presentation should be based on more than one case study so that a wider validated perspective can be given to the issue).

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Health: neuroscience, genetics, chronic illness and care


Rights, leadership and self-representation
Life planning
Economy and employment
Culture, spirituality and values
Natural disasters and emergency situations
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